Group and centre-based activities

Group and centre-based activities

Enjoy a wide range of social experiences and  activities including sport, arts and craft, music and special activities such as trivia, discos and day trips. We can also help you to develop your skills with classes in cooking, job skills and money handling.

We have a range of activities and programs aimed to assist our customers to lead a full and happy life. Social inclusion and interaction programs are specially designed to meet an individual’s need and to assist them in finding their “special place” in life, where they feel valued and comfortable within their surroundings.

We have Centre-based Activities and Groups to promote socialisation. These Centre-based Activities are facilitated by support workers and have self-directed skill-building activities. We encourage participants to engage in activities independent and/or participate in workshops/group activities.

Our Centre-based Activities and Groups have:

  • Arts and Crafts Activities
  • Music & Dance
  • Computer Skills & Scrabble Playing & Scrapbooking
  • Kitchen and cooking skills
  • Communication Skills, signage drawing and identifying
  • Play dough Class & Puzzle Solving
  • Money Management and Keeping Safe
  • Bowling and BBQ
  • Library, Shopping Centre & Parks/ Zoo
  • High Needs Sensory
  • Sewing/ Cooking/ Community Garden – Life Skills


Supports in Community include

  • Essential Shopping
  • Gym (Healthy Lifestyles)
  • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)
  • Photography & Fitness (Community)
  • Library / Reading / Writing
  • Swimming
  • Movie of choice
  • Recognising, Progression, Accessing local services + Goal setting & action
  • Bush or Choice of Walk and many more based on the individual’s needs, choice and control